Thursday, 28 February 2013

Why Do We stand and Stare?

Where does an aggrieved individual find the strength to move on? Have we always had the courage to stand up for ourselves when we are ill-treated?

There are few of us who find the strength to go on. Majority of us retreat into our cocoons welling tears that do nothing but propagate us to the world as weaklings. Recent happenings in the world in which I live have left me a disillusioned individual but not one that will give up my vision soon.

Though bullying is something I have always thought happens to young people-those going to boarding schools only, I have witnessed adult bullying at its worst. While we might sympathise and condemn the act among children as they are helpless and not able to defend themselves, how then do you explain this act amongst men and women who are able to fight for themselves?

I might have witnessed bullying and done nothing about it. For that I despise myself. I might have been a victim and in denial but looking at the people I had always regarded as strong-willed and able to stand up for themselves tolerate this act  has led me to the sole conclusion that we at times welcome trouble, court trouble and forget that we have a way out.

While things like job security and the difficult economic times are good enough to justify our withholding and letting people who lack integrity domineer over us is not good enough.

Unfortunately, I on the hand have walked away from my problems.  I realize a time will come when I will have to confront the truth and say exactly what is on my mind. However, one thing I have always held true to myself is to not let individuals who are under some sort of self discovery experiment on me as to whether they would make good bosses.

There are times when I have feared for my tomorrow because in one or another am confronted with challenging times with individuals such as my supervisors. But I would rather face the difficult times than have someone dominate over me.

My actions of course haven’t been received with open arms. At times I have been viewed as an individual who is too proud. Some have had the guts to liken me to animals. But this I believe is a problem with them not me.

Unless men and women stand up for themselves, bullying is here to stay. We do not have to exchange blows to defend ourselves. All we need is to be adult enough and walk away from all those nonsense we are treated to. We do not have to win all the arguments we are invited to but be able to speak our minds and let the world know that we have our rights. 

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