Tuesday, 12 March 2013

For He is Gone

He is gone,
I need not explain why,
For it was bound to happen

I did not invite him,
Neither did you,
Yet here we are,
Daggers drawn ready for revenge

I walked away,
To let you savour the joy of the moment,
Yet you could not contain him,
In my arms he came rushing,
A confused soul I remained standing

The American sweetheart is gone,
Forever gone!

Will you go on grieving?
Or will you extend your hand and join me on the side of the planet,
Somewhere our hearts will heal,
Our past put behind,
Or like the ‘good friends’ we have become,
You are ready to play the dirty game again?

How I wish my ounce of attitude will last one more day,
My head held high to the sky,
Your pathetic whining dropped in the sea,
And my glory of the day upheld,

It matters not anymore,
For I am the overgrown child,
The attitude filled individual,
You claim I am,
Yet all reasons point to you,
You mask your insecurities in me,
You hope that I will come back to you,
But fair lady I have had enough

Forever I walk on,
In search of greater glory,
Holding on to my belief,
Overriding the groupie effect,
A strong willed individual I am,
A joy to a few

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