Sunday, 4 August 2013

It’s Her I Want!

Nothing compares to her immense beauty,
I am dumbfounded by her beauty,
I pinch myself to make sure it’s real,
How sad it is,
She just zoomed past me,

Her sleek body leaves me dazed,
Her glowing lights promise me such better times,
It’s the grey colour that crowns it all,
My mind is set,

I am held up in this stinky, emotionless and unsteady relationship,
With this rickety, old and squeaky beast,
It worries me every now and then
I look around and catch a glimpse of her rear shape,
It says S280,
Does it mean she realizes how sleek and beautiful she is?

It is a dream,
But then am done dreaming,
She has been making a disappearing act the whole day,
I hate myself for not making the effort to own her,
Yet I know I will see her tomorrow,
I am fed up of dreaming
All I want is her!

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