Monday, 19 August 2013

Illusion Delusion; Reality Fantasy

Even in my dreams you remain an illusion
In reality, a delusion
 I see you from a distance
Constantly snooping at every instance
Just maybe we were not meant to be,
This pain I have known to bear
Time again and again

Where in the world
Am I to look?
Not that I have been the best,
But I know,
I ought to be among the many constants
That ought to swing the pendulum

Though I seek,
You are a mirage that will never turn a reality,
A fantasy that has stolen a heart from a far,
I knew that December when we met,
That you were not any good to my fragile soul,
Yet an innocent soul out for a thrill I was,
Encompassing all that you were!

It is yet another December,
Like a bad dream,
I hope I will wake to streaks of life,
Breathe a new life,
Into the past,
See a newer you,

Touch that shiny face once again
 As I held out my hand,
You wrapped me in your arms,
With a promise of us
Then I let you slip into the world unknown,
Trusting in every word that you said
Today as tears stream,
I reckon that you might be a happy soul after all,
For yours is to turn dreams into obscurity
Just what went wrong?

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