Monday, 5 August 2013

I Weep!

He keeps on staring,
But I know what we had is over,
All because it was built on deceit,
We never want to hold grudges,
But of what use is it,
When we reconcile,
Yet deep down,
Our souls are full of vengeance,
Perhaps we should look as if we do not see,
Walk as if aimless,
Talk as if we are afraid,
But hold true to what is ours

An astounding betrayal it was,
The little lies we told,
Someone elsewhere used them,
To crucify us

It was a crucifixion of sorts,
He killed the one thing that was so dear to the soul?
It wasn’t physical destruction,
Yet the repercussions are too visible to ignore,
The blabbering soul,
Caused a permanent damage to my frail soul
And here I weep

How a man with his dignity,
Would succumb to this mind-games,
Was unforgivable,
He would have lied to one,
But not two,
Promised one a better future,
But not all the two,
This is why vengeance,
Is deep-rooted,
Always seeking that one thing,
 That will cause him everlasting pain

It appears he is on my back,
Everywhere I turn,
I see his intimidating soul materialise,
I fear,
But then am in safe hands,
Hoping that he gets the hint,
Yet now I see him,
Not from the back,
Nor in dreams,
He is intently staring,
This time,
From afar

I hate to reminisce,
Of the earlier days,
When all we saw was love,
Nothing mattered then,
Yet we turn away,
With tearful eyes,
Love has lost meaning,
And we are afraid,
Lest we find ourselves,
Subjects of this thing called love

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