Thursday, 22 August 2013

Why does the world stare?

I am distressed,
At the cold stares the world is sending my way,
Why does the world revel so much in taking unnecessary looks at me?
I want to hide myself from the world
Please tell me how to hide

A hello from him,
A Hi whisper from her,
A tap from it,
I caught her off guard,
Her eyes trained on me,
I would have looked otherwise,
But she was by the window of her car

It’s insane how these eyes are all trained on me,
 Is it something I did?
I dab at my face,
Perhaps I went overboard with make-up this morning,
The hanky confirms otherwise,
No make-up at all,
So why dear world,
Am I receiving this cold stares?

I might be familiar from the past,
But no,
I have never caught attention of the TV cameras,
The last journalist in my circle of friends,
Turned out to be all titles but no action,
I dread each morning as I take the leisurely walk through the park,
Someone might be looking

Eyes that eat us up are no good,
They make us nervous,
Not that we have secrets that anyone would die for,
An innocent soul,
Living each day in a stride,
Wishing no fame upon this fragile soul that is mine,
Just when will the cold stares,
Turn into a warm reception,
This is why I ask again,

How do I hide from the world? 

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