Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Delivery should Supersede Passion

Often times we speak of passion as our driving force. While it is a good thing, it can be terribly depressing when all you have is a deep burning that is not backed up with the desired action plan. When we talk of passion, our friends see it in our eyes, critics don't. They look at it differently. They want something more.

Attending sessions with young, aspiring people can be damning. At every instance everyone has this grandiose idea where they visualise everything. In the heat of the moment friends and foes alike are cheering on. While friends celebrate in the conception of the idea, foes alike are in celebration. The foes' celebration may last a bit longer, if the aspiring person does not pull the act together.

This is a dilemma I am faced with time and again. In conceptualising ideas I see everything clearly. I even know whom to turn to for the much needed support. But then the ideas some of them do not come to see the light of day. Sometimes it is out of fear of what the reaction will be. Other times it is being immensely in love with the concept and feeling that it is not yet the right time.

But what does this holding mean?

To the people who had so much hope, they look at you as one of the great speakers; a dog that barks but does not bite. Maybe it is true, all you are is a good concept developer and you need someone bold enough to realise the concept. There will never be a right time for those who wait for it. It is always grand but until you take the first step, all it is, is a dream.

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