Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Encounters of a Lifetime

The moment before you meet that special one; everything seems to be at a standstill. Time rushes by, the mind becomes cluttered with thoughts. Sometimes you can plan every single way of the encounter sometimes it is just abrupt.

I am not sure if I have met the one yet. But I have had the most amazing encounters. At work colleagues are just a hilarious group of diverse people. From the outspoken to the quite types I have seen them all. Nevertheless, some encounters are just worth years of memories. 

I now have a new friend! He speaks a lot, just the right kind of stuff I love to hear. We dream together and sip our favourite drinks together. He likes a Jameson, I like something else. We agree on most things but then each time I am taken back.

The little voices in me keep whispering. At most instances I have never been sure whether it’s me. I just blurt out about everything under the sky. There is a reason I like my new friend. He keeps it real simple not the kind who is so deeply introverted. I like his sense of humour but the real him is yet to come.

Someday sooner I will know. I have already witnessed some drama but that is all mine for keeps. In meeting people our horizons are broadened. It stops being about me and appreciating each other takes precedence. The best is not to stare at each other and turn to social media rather it is making the most out of each encounter. For tomorrow you might need each other. This is how it is between my new friend and I. We are learning to get by day by day. 

If you ever run into me I would like us to make the most of the encounter. Lets exchange numbers and let us find that one thing that makes us!

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