Thursday, 26 July 2012

Let's Maintain the Silence

Let us maintain the silence,
Like a gentle snowfall,
It has brought moments of self actualization,
Exposing us to the much dreaded cold,
Giving us time to reflect,
In essence we realise who we are and ought to be.

Let us not condemn this new practice,
For it is not worth it,
 To part ways when we’ve just met,
This silence will be the reason we shall be here to testify,
Of the glory,
The wonder that is our love sojourn,
It might be too long,
It might be too short,
But in our hearts,
 Let sovereignty reign.

Ours is a quest,
To maintain the silence that has prevailed over the months,
The end unknown to many,
Yet the memories of this time,
Like a shining star shall brace us ready for the future ahead,
In your insolence,
You failed to realise why the high and mighty tend to tumble from glory,
Had you realised,
You never would have courted arrogance,
But then we all need a shoulder to lean on,
And mine is that shoulder that readily offers you the comfort.

Goodbye is not a word we all want to hear at times,
 The coldness of your heart,
Isn’t any different from this warm goodbye I want to bid you,
My heart learnt how to embrace the coldness you showed,
Year after year,
I held on,
Five years down the lane and you have not changed the attitude,
Why should I suffer any more?

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