Thursday, 19 July 2012

What is Creativity?

While many define themselves as creatives, it is astounding when you ask them to elaborate on what they mean. Pegged on this simple word yet difficult for most to explain it, Sinema Hotsun hosted an evening where this theme was explored on July 14, 2012 at Goethe-Institut.

Through photography, films and live performances and discussions both young and old interacted in a lively show that brought an understanding of creativity. As artists pelted out songs of love and hope, dance troupes presented electric moves.

Few clips created by students at the Kibera Film School brought a whole new meaning to creativity, though some left the audience questioning about story development in film as well as titling of films.

According to the Hotsun programmes manager Josephat Keya the Sinema Hotsun event will be hosted every quarter of the year and this was the first of its kind to be held.

So what does creativity mean to you? 

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