Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Young Voices around the Globe

 Welcome to the world of changing making. They might be young, restless but they are ambitious and agitating for change. In their own little ways they are bringing about change in the societies they live in. 

Whether it's through football, film, women awareness or peer education theirs is a quest to achieve a society with young people who are ready to take charge. Their stories tell of endless journeys. Journeys that will take you to the remotest of parts in Kenya where you will not only discover but also realize what it means to be a social entrepreneur and a change maker.

Global Changemakers is a British Council funded global youth network of social entrepreneurs and community activists from 126 countries worldwide. Its mission is to empower youth to catalyse positive social change, something which it achieves through:learning and teaching; Global and regional summits, community and personal capacity building supported by free online curriculum.

Kenya has more than 15 young people who have been trained in different parts of the world and will be sharing their stories in the forthcoming weeks. Look out for what they say and how you might be part of this movement!

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